“Revecy venir du printans”
Claude la Jeune (ca. 1565)
Nadia Chana, voice
Leanne Dammann, viola

“Colomba aspexit”
Hildegard von Bingen
Nadia Chana, voice
Leanne Dammann, viola

“En sourdine”
Gabriel Faure
Nadia Chana, voice
Deena Grier, piano

“From the Ruins,” an electroacoustic composition

Following a traumatic event, everything is cracked open, and nothing is
solid. Worldly and otherworldly, inner and outer mix. It becomes difficult
to separate thoughts from reality. Everyday sounds become hostile in their
indifference to suffering or unbearable in their own agony. There are
moments of unexpected grace. Though ceremonial because of its importance and
universality, this is not a journey that makes sense to the mind; it follows
the profoundly irrational reason of the deepest self.