Nadia Chana, born and raised in Edmonton/Amiskwaciwâskahikan, is a singer and PhD student in ethnomusicology at The University of Chicago. As a singing teacher, Nadia’s work began with questions about voices: how does a full range of vocal expression – not only singing but also shrieking, groaning, grunting, crying, squealing – help people find a sense of voice in the world? How can cultivating and healing a relationship with one’s own voice heal relationships in a person’s community? More recently, fuelled by the urgency of climate change, Nadia’s academic work gravitates towards the ecological: what does a healthy relationship between humans and the natural world – plants, animals, water, land – look like? What role do embodied practices like singing and listening play in ecological healing? In answering these questions, Nadia finds herself at ceremonies, protests, healing walks, and rivers in Northern Alberta and the Bay Area of California.

In another life, Nadia was the co-founder of the Bicycle Opera Project.

You can download Nadia’s CV here: Chana CV.